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Big Never Trumper Backs President’s Decision To Bomb Top Iranian Terrorist, “Legal Act Of War”

Much of what Democrats say these days in criticism of everything President Trump does is pointless, nonsensical gibberish that can be ignored.

Ditto for the #NeverTrump crowd of supposed conservatives who, by now, should have seen that the current president is about the closest thing we’ve had in America to what they’ve been advocating for years in terms of economic, military, and domestic policy.

Nevertheless, Trump’s overnight targeting of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force and chief mischief maker in the region, and Democrats’ response to it — that it was somehow “illegal” and “unconstitutional” — needs to be addressed and refuted.

But the fact that a long-time NeverTrumper, David French, backed the president’s actions is significant in and of itself not just because he’s right but because he explained why in simple, frank, and understandable terms that the Garbage Party cannot seriously refute.

In a series of tweets, French explained that the strike was legal, constitutional, and fully pre-authorized by congresses past. What’s more, the blame for the strike in the first place can be laid at the feet of Iran’s leaders, not President Trump.

Succinct and to the point.

As to the matter of Trump “starting World War III,” that is about the dumbest assessment anyone can make regarding this action.

Iran has few regional allies, no economy to speak of, and its military in comparison to what the United States fields is the difference between Germany and Poland in 1939.

There will be no “world war” resulting from this strike. If anything, Trump may have prevented any further attacks against U.S. forces and Americans by Iran, much in the way Ronald Reagan taught the Iranians a lesson they did not soon forget in 1988.