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Biden Loses It On Leaked Democrat Call – He Rails At Progressives Claiming Joe Could Cost Them 2022 Election

Democrats might be getting along in public. But privately, they are coming apart at the seams.

A recently surfaced leaked phone call between Biden and progressives reveals an emerging war within the DNC.

Apparently, Biden is furious. Progressives are demanding he uses his executive authority to force their agenda. If he doesn’t, there will be hell to pay.

Biden doesn’t like that one bit. Here’s the first part:

C’mon, man – he’s angry! And here’s the second part:

And one commentator thinks this conflict will lead to a Democrat self-destruction.

These leaked calls actually took place back in December. They shed light on what has really been going on in the Biden White House.

We’ve all wondered who is really calling the shots in the Oval Office. Back in December, it seemed like Biden was unwilling to bow to the radical left’s demands.

But it is possible their threats against him worked. Soon after entering office, Biden signed a record 60 executive orders that were as far-left as we can imagine.

His proposed legislative agenda fund every last progressive demand, from Planned Parenthood to “green” energy.

It seems Biden really thinks the radical left is the key to Democrats winning the 2022 Election. But that’s not what recent history tells us.

The progressive wing of the party cost Democrats numerous seats in the House in 2020. And Biden’s radical policy has not been a winning platform among Americans.

His approval is deteriorating faster than the situation at the border.

While the mainstream media covers up Biden’s frequent failures, the reality paints a different picture.

Americans are not satisfied with Biden’s decisions. They know the radical left is calling the shots. And as gas prices rise and paychecks shrink, who do you think they will blame?