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Barr Preparing Indictment Against Omar for Election Fraud

President Trump wants the November election to be fair. That is why he instructed Attorney General Barr to investigate all cases of election fraud.

They want to “nip it in the bud.” Naturally, a minority Democrat was the first target of this unbiased investigation.

Barr launched an investigation into Omar’s phone records and the results were troubling, to say the least. It was the first breadcrumb in a trail of major election fraud.

Here is an excerpt from the Attorney General report:

“Ilhan Omar’s phone record was tapped and our findings found evidence to support the claim of election fraud. Omar was seen talking to an unknown person about how the voting on Dancing with the Stars is rigged and pre-determined before the show.

We believe that these are codewords having something to do with electrician fraud. We have contacted Q for input on the matter as they have been a reliable partner in past investigations.”

This is not the only piece of evidence. We used our decoder ring from the Cracker Jack box, provided to us by Q, and worked out the words Omar said over the phone. We worked it out, and we’re given the number 18505273935.

A Google search of this number leads to a website with Chinese letters. This can only mean one thing — that the Chinese are involved in election interference.

This makes sense because it is well-known China is not a fan of Trump ever since he put a tariff on their imports and stopped all of our crops from going to China because we need to feed our own first! America first!

We can only guess that they will be tampering with the voting machines that are probably made in China.

Once again, we have the truth. Only Putin is allowed to tamper with our sacred voting process.