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Barr Orders Raid on Adam Schiff’s House After Audit Reveals Fraud

The Department of Justice struck in the early hours, raiding the house of Adam Schiff after they were tipped off by the IRS of fraudulent activity involving the liberal politician. Agents could be seen removing massive amounts of paper, boxes, several computers, and quite a few mobile devices out of the home.

According to preliminary reports, Schiff is accused of making millions of dollars in a giant pyramid scheme involving other democratic elected officials.

Joe Barron, Deputy Assistant to William Barr’s Assistant stated:

“Apparently, Schiff was selling some funky-looking leggings to middle-class housewives who drive minivans and SUVs. These women are wearing these things everywhere, including their favorite store, Target. Mr. Schiff sold these items on the House floor, while also recruiting fellow members of the House of Representatives to sell these leggings, too.”

Schiff was at the top of the pyramid, charging more than $75 per pair of leggings and abusing his position of power to turn a profit.

Based upon the boxes removed from his house, the Halloween prints didn’t not sell nearly as well as the adorable Christmas reindeer ones! Yet again, proving, that Christmas is obviously better than Halloween.

Worse yet, there is substantial evidence that points to boxes and boxes of these tight pants being sold and sent to the Clinton Foundation headquarters, further thickening the plot of who was behind the Russian Witch Hunt Hoax.

Hillary can’t wear leggings. What would she do with them?

This is all clearly a giant cover up in yet another revenge plot orchestrated by the dirty Clintons. She needs to just get over it. She lost! She will never be president!

However, the bright side of her petty plots of punitive paybacks is Schiff is going down!