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Barbara Streisand Crosses Line With Ignorant Attack On Trump, Blames POTUS For 20,000 Deaths “Because of His Incompetence and Lies’

Barbra Streisand just disgraced her legacy with an ignorant attack on President Trump. She also gave a window into the bubble that is the left’s mindset.

It was this closed world view that really did in Hillary – they just could not believe Trump could win and that false assumption clouded everything.

Likewise, Streisand and the left blame Trump for the outbreak and the resulting deaths and think Trump again has no shot.

But they miss it the big picture, no surprise there – no one blames Trump for the pandemic or the handling of it, especially with so much unknown out there.

That could change but people will remember this hysteria to blame and it will backfire when Trump gets this under control.

From Fox News:

The acclaimed singer clearly got fed up with how Trump is handling the pandemic on Sunday and took to Twitter to place the blame of 20,000 people dying in the U.S. directly on his shoulders. She also dropped a line about her politically charged 2018 single “Don’t Lie to Me.”

“I wrote a song called ‘Don’t Lie to Me’ after Trump was elected, because he was a serial liar,” the star began.

“Now, with more than 20,000 people dead because of his incompetence and lies, he’s proven that he can’t handle the truth. He’s unfit to lead this nation…especially in a time of crisis.”

The track was released on her album “Walls” and contained lyrics that were directly aimed at Trump.

“I just can’t stand what’s going on,” the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner said at the time of its release. “His assault on our democracy, our institutions, our founders — I think we’re in a fight. … We’re in a war for the soul of America.”

Hours after her scathing coronavirus tweet, she shared another post, this time blaming Trump’s obsession with building a wall at the United States’ southern border with Mexico for taking up money and resources that she believes could have gone to pandemic preparedness.

“Trump is obsessed with wasting money on his wall. Maybe all that money should have been spent on testing, ventilators and personal protective equipment for our health care professionals,” Streisand added. “The virus doesn’t care about the wall that he falsely said Mexico was paying for.”