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Barack praises wife Michelle’s closing argument “This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election”

Tuesday, former President Barack Obama praised his wife Michelle after she released an over 20 minute long “closing argument” to vote for Joe Biden that included scathing critique of President Trump.

Barack wrote “This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election.”

“Watch it. Share it. And get everyone you know to vote for @JoeBiden,” he added.

In introducing her closing argument, Michelle wrote:

My heart goes out to everyone touched by this virus, from those at the White House, especially the Secret Service and residence staff whose service ought never be taken for granted, to all those names and stories most of us will unfortunately never know.

The truth is, the events of the past few days are a bracing reminder of the tragedy that has been this administration’s response to this crisis.

And I’ll be very honest: This is a message I’d planned to release earlier, and after everything that’s happened, I weighed whether or not to go public at all. But I wanted you all to hear what’s been on my mind.

Because the drama of the past few days has only emphasized what’s at stake in this election, from the coronavirus to a constant drumbeat of fear, division, and chaos that’s threatening to spiral out of control.

There’s only one way we can pull ourselves out—by voting for my friend @JoeBiden

, who’s got the heart, the experience, and the character to lead us to better days.

So I hope you’ll watch, and I hope you’ll share this with everyone you know who might still be deciding how or if they’re going to vote.