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As Afghanistan Falls, OANN Reporter Reminds Americans What Biden Was Doing Last Week With 2 Damning Pics

Afghanistan has collapsed

The situation in Afghanistan is out of control. The entire country goes through a nightmare and Joe Biden thought it would be smart to say Donald Trump caused the mess. Well, the former President has nothing to do with the collapse of the foreign policy.

This chaos will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes Biden made during his presidency. Well, old Joe is not even bothered. The list of his mistakes is pretty big, and Biden is satisfied with his work in the Oval Office. Shameless old man!

Is Biden competing for the Worst US President Award?

The Biden administration made a lot of mistakes in the past few months. Old Joe has yet to find a solution to the border crisis. He is not someone who’d focus on real issues. Foreign policy? What’s that? Biden ignores inflation, soaring gas prices, and bad economy.

What else would you expect from a bunch of neurotic Millenials? These people are fighting for justice. “Fighting” for justice. That sounds better.

This is one of the worst foreign policy mistakes of all time. Joe is enjoying his ice cream… What a vacation, right?

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec shared a tweet showing what Joe was up to in the last few days.

Now is the right time to play “funny” vaccine games.

How embarrassing… We bet Vladimir Putin and other world leaders are having a good laugh at this one. Biden gives them enough material to mock him and our country.

The man can’t even read the sign he is holding! Go to a nursing home, Joe!

This is the man who picked the egg on his chin and ate it in front of cameras.

What about the vaccine video?

Here’s what people said online:

“If this isn’t embarrassing to everyone regardless of politics then there is no hope.” 

“No mean tweets though…LOL” 

“They should send some TikTokers to Afghanistan, that would fix everything.” 

“Gee, I’m so glad the grown ups are back in charge.”

“Two day work week and calling lid by noon. Must be nice”

“this is disgraceful” 

“This is what happens when you have young, idealistic, inexperienced people running the bureaucracy.”

“I hate using the word, but … cringe dude, so much cringe in that picture.”

Biden made terrible mistakes in the past 7 months. This is just the beginning of the disaster. Let’s stop him before it’s too late.

Get ready for 2022. It’s our year!