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After Trump Asks Minnesota Crowd About Omar – His Supporters Chant On Live TV: “Lock Her Up”

Trump is going after historically blue Minnesota. He attended a rally this week.

In what probably shocked Democrats, supporters were waiting in line for over six hours.

These Minnesota natives are clearly fired up to see the president and hear one of his popular speeches.

Especially in Democrat Ilhan Omar’s backyard!

During the event, the president asked the crowd what they thought of their representative (who was recently connected with a scandal).

And this was the response he heard:

“What about Omar where she gets caught harvesting? What the hell is going on? I hope your U.S. attorney is involved…”

The crowd of supporters began to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” as the president continued to criticize Omar.

President Trump mentioned the much-discussed socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

As he brought up the recent ballot harvesting scandal, the crowd broke into a raucous chant.

They shouted “Lock her up!” a familiar line once directed at “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

Omar was recently connected to an undercover video revealing a ballot harvesting scheme in Minnesota.

It appears one of Omar’s allies admitted to buying ballots from voters—a clearly illegal activity. The man also claimed on camera that Omar had people “everywhere” doing the same thing.

President Trump had previously called on the U.S. attorney to investigate. And the local police announced they were looking into it.

Such a possibly massive crime should spark interest from the DOJ, the House, and perhaps even the Senate.

Ilhan Omar has faced more than her share of controversy since being elected. She was slammed for what she’s said about 9/11.

She was caught up in a scandal involving a lover and his ex-wife.

There were even campaign finance investigations going on over her campaign.

And that does not even mention her support for far-left policies like the Green New Deal (and her desire to allow American companies to boycott Israel).

The fact that a large Minnesota crowd so quickly began chanting “Lock her up” suggests there are plenty in the state fed up with Omar.

But are there enough in her district to vote this leftist out of office?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.