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Adam Schiff to Be Charged With Presidential Harassment

President Trump has done nothing but good things for America. Since Democrats hate America, they hate President Trump for making it a better place. Their biggest attempt to sabotage President Trump’s great agenda was the illegal witch-hunt impeachment hoax. But now, it looks like it has backfired as Adam Schiff himself is being charged with presidential harassment, a most serious offense.

Democrats will stop at nothing to get their way, even going as far as harassing our great President. They tried to bully him, lock up his criminal associates, and worst of all, threaten him with impeachment, which of course they did. These foul acts are harassment, pure, and simple. Harassment is illegal, and presidential harassment is even more illegal, which is why Adam Schiff is being charged with it today.

According to our resident constitutional scholar, Joe Barron, the charge is a very serious one.

“Article 6, Section 4 of the United States Constitution provides provisions on what to do in the case of presidential harassment, which is defined as harassing the President.

The actions recommended include indictment, trial, and then lock em up. It’s all quite simple really. We just need the Supreme Court to do their job and get this party started.”

It sounds pretty good to us. Adam Schiff is a big meanie and he needs to be locked up for harassing out great President that is making America great again. Schiff just wants us to drag us back to the dark days when the economy was growing, and healthcare was more affordable.