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A Woman Decided For Her Voice To Be Heard – The Horrific COVID Vaccine From A Very Personal Perspective

It’s a truly heartbreaking story, but worth reading and sharing, since it’s a definite eye-opener!

the true cases that are reported as COVID deaths, COVID vaccination problems and side effects, and actual COVID numbers are released on VAERS. And it seems as the mainstream media is surpassing them on purpose!

This is the perfect example of a mere mortal citizen, who was a victim and decided to do more with her experience than just live it through.


“Hey there. I know some of you might recognize me for my initial post on Instagram. I’ve been hiding a lot and not showing exactly what this is done to me. But I’m done hiding and I’m done being scared. There are several stories like mine. The same doctors who told us this was safe. The same doctors brushing us off as if we didn’t matter. It is now time that we are heard, seen and believed” – COVID Vaccine Victim

This video is just one woman’s story. There are many others.

Truly shocking!!!