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2nd Debate Moderator tweeted NY Times Op-Ed “No, Not Trump, Not Ever” in 2016

Trump supporters are questioning whether Steve Scully, the moderator for the 2nd debate between President Trump and Joe Biden that is scheduled for October 15th will be capable of being fair given his past as an intern for Biden and having tweeted an anti-Trump article in the past.

In March 18, 2016, Scully, who is now a Senior Executive Producer & Political Editor for C-SPAN shared a NY Times Op-Ed by David Brooks titled “No, Not Trump, Not Ever.”

Scully did not add any additional commentary but reiterated the title in his tweet.

President Trump replied to a tweet  from Shelly sharing the tweet from Scully and adding “@realDonaldTrump this debate will be another 2 vs 1.”

Trump replied “I’m used to it!”

C-SPAN profiled Steve Scully September 3rd.

Scully said “My role is really to facilitate their questions, not to tell them what to ask…We want to get questions from the C-SPAN audience and from the general public.”